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Affordable luxury propels CitizenM’s growth

 SYDNEY—Michael Levie embraces CitizenM Hotels’ reputation as a trendy hotel brand. He’s not shy telling people it won back-to-back Trendiest Hotel in the World from TripAdvisor in 2010 and 2011 but believes the brand is moving into the next phase of its life.
Levie, CitizenM’s COO, said during last week’s HotelsWorld Australia New Zealand conference that being known as an affordable luxury brand has become its mantra.
“Affordable luxury is a state of mind,” Levie said during an onstage interview with Hotel News Now. “Luxury is defined as very personal. What works for one doesn’t work for another. It’s about under-promising and over-delivering.”

Newly public EasyHotel plans ownership gains

 LONDON—Hotel company EasyHotel went public in June and now plans a careful expansion program of wholly-owned freehold hotels.
The number of freehold hotels under its umbrella stands at two amid a portfolio of 20 properties.
The chain is a standalone company but allied to Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s EasyGroup Holdings, best known for its low-cost air carrier EasyJet.
EasyHotel’s two wholly-owned freehold hotels are in London and (as of January) Glasgow, Scotland. (The chain also has one long leasehold development.) All properties are in Europe and in cities to which EasyJet flies. The airline, which went public 14 years ago, is run as a separate enterprise. EasyHotel was created in 2004.

Cornerstone sees full-service opportunity

HARTFORD, Connecticut—Jim O’Shaughnessy still believes in the full-service hotel sector.
O’Shaughnessy, the managing director of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers’ Hotel Group, said the company is in the early stages of developing two smaller, 200-room independent full-service hotels. He declined to provide additional details but said one of the properties is in a Northeastern U.S. coastal city with the other in a major Mid-Atlantic city. Both projects are under agreement with developers.
While select service has been the darling of the industry for some time, O’Shaughnessy said full service still can be successful—provided it is the right kind of full service.

Scale economies drive Europe dual brands

Economies of scale and back-of-house advantages will push the further development of Europe’s dual-brand properties—even those with two brands from different families. - See more at:
REPORT FROM EUROPE— Dual-branded properties are continuing to grow in number across Europe, with experts agreeing such developments lower risks for all parties and provide more flexibility for guests.
The majority of such properties in the continent combine full-service with focused-service hotels that attract two different types of guests while achieving operational efficiencies and developmental and economic synergies.