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Mahabhairab Temple

Located atop a small hill in the northern part of Tezpur, is considered as a major landmark of this ancient city and contributes a lot to the magnetic charm and beauty of the place. It is believed that the original temple was made of stone, constructed by Banasura, the demon king who had his capital at Tezpur.

Chitralekha Udyan

Located in one of the most beautiful and legendary places of Assam, the Cole park attracts a host of travelers and nature lovers every year. This park was established by Mr. Cole, a Commissioner of Assam under British rule. It was later renovated by Mr. M.G.V.K. Bhanu, the deputy Commissioner of Tezpur, in 1996.


Agnigarh is one of the most important tourist destinations of Tezpur. A circular stairway leads to the peak of the hill and offers a good trekking option. In fact, people often come here for picnic or simply to enjoy the scenes and sights. There is a very famous legendary story behind this place.

Da Parbatia

Da Parbatia (Assamese: দ-পৰ্বতীয়া) is a 6th-century architectural site of a stone-built Hindu temple. On the ruins of this structure, a brick Siva temple had been built during the Ahom period, which collapsed in the 1897 Assam earthquake, revealing the door frame of the older structure. This site is protected under the auspices of the Archaeological Survey of India.

The door frame stands in front of a large block of stone with a square cavity that held the original lingam. The two jambs have Ganga and Yamuna, two female deities, holding garlands in their hands.

Nag Sankar Temple

East of Tezpur, at Jamuguri, we can find a very well-known temple, which is known as Nag Sankar. It is said that famous pilgrimage centre of not only Tezpur, but the whole of Assam.